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Motor Yachts

A 1969 BENETTI MOTOR-YACHT designed & built by Fratelli Benetti of Viareggio, Italy for the British Royal Family

Overall Length: 112ft. (34m) :: Beam: 20ft. 6ins (6.24m) :: Draught: 8ft 10ins. (2.70m)

Displacement: n/a :: Designer: Fratelli Benetti :: Builder: Benetti of Viareggio

Location: Med.

Price: On Application

A 1937 CLASSIC CUSTOM MOTOR-YACHT designed and built by the Wheeler Yacht Company, Brooklyn, New York

Overall Length: 65ft (19.80m) :: Beam: 14ft :: Draught: 4ft 6ins

Displacement: 32 Tons :: Designer: Howard Wheeler :: Builder: Wheeler Yacht Company

Location: Spain / France

Price: £95,000

::::: SOLD - JUNE 2017 :::::

VINTAGE TWIN-SCREW MOTOR-YACHT designed by E P Hart for W R Lawrence of The Grand Hotel, Bournemouth and built by Berthons of Lymington in 1922

Overall Length: 38ft :: Beam: 9ft 2ins :: Draught: 3ft

Displacement: 13 Tons TM :: Designer: E P Hart of Southampton :: Builder: Berthon of Lymington

Location: River Thames

Price: £35,000

::::: SOLD - October 2017 :::::

52ft DUNKIRK LITTLE SHIP designed and built by J W Brooke & Co. Ltd. Oulton Broad, Norfolk in 1931 for George Smart of Westcliffe-on-Sea

Overall Length: 52ft :: Beam: 12ft 7ins :: Draught: 3ft 4ins

Displacement: 34 Tons T M :: Designer: J W Brooke :: Builder: Brooke Marine, Lowestoft

Location: River Thames

Price: SOLD

A 1939 SWALLOW SENIOR CLASS TWIN-SCREW MOTOR CRUISER designed and built by William Osborne Ltd, Arun Shipyard, Littlehampton, West Sussex

Overall Length: 32ft 3ins :: Beam: 9ft :: Draught: 2ft 7ins

Displacement: 10 Tons T M :: Designer: William Osborne :: Builder: Osborne of Littlehampton

Location: Central France

Price: £27,000

A 1928 NEW YORK HIGH-SPEED COMMUTER YACHT, designed by John H Wells Inc. and built by Henry B Nevins Inc. City Island, New York for multi-millionaire Louis Gordon Hammersley

  • Fully Restored yet retaining period style
  • Charter potential or private yacht
  • The iconic New York Commuter Yacht

Overall Length: 75ft :: Beam: 13ft :: Draught: 4ft

Displacement: 50 Gross Reg Tons :: Designer: John Wells :: Builder: Henry Nevin

Location: New Jersey, USA

Price: US 798,000

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